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  • This course closed on 12/15/2023.

This program is the final component in a year long study of spirituality. Upon completion of the program, students will be coronated during winter solstice week and honored at the Winter Solstice Ball on December 21.

This program is geared to position you to be a community leader, entrepreneur and healer in your own style and gifts. Learn how to use your special unique traits to help others while honing your business skills such as marketing, pricing, money management and investing in your business.

Polish your spiritual and formal etiquette as we prepare for your regal life with philanthropy opportunities as well as poise and etiquette training.

Students who complete the coronation program will be bestowed with the title “Queen” and will receive a custom Pearl tiara at our yearly Coronation Ceremony.

Coronation Requirements :

  • Coronation Program Enrollment – ($1500)
  • Attendance at Winter Solstice Events in Washington DC Dec 20-23 2023 – ($2500 Hotel/Events/Activities)
  • White Full Sized Floor Length Ball Gown / White Tux (Aprox. 250-$500 Outside Cost)

Program Completion Requirements (These Skills Are Taught In Courses and Assigned as In-Class Guided Projects)

  • Completion of Business/Non Profit/Foundation Website – October 1st
  • Hosting 1 Philanthropic Event – November 15th
  • Hosting 1 Business/Community Event – November 1st
  • Teaching 1 Course – December 1st
  • Business/Networking Card (Printed & Completed) – October 1st
  • Attendance at 1 Fine Dining Experience- December 1st
  • Attendance at 1 Fine Art Experience – December 1st

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  • Enrollment in this course closed on 08/31/2023.

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