• This course closed on 12/31/2023.

This course is a year long development program for spiritual leaders who are looking to establish their communities and become authorities in their discipline. Students who successfully complete the program will have created numerous stream of income and long standing products, services and learning materials for the year to come.

Class meets every Tuesday at 11am CST- Each week assignments will be given to keep students on track to complete all requirements.

Course Completion Requirements

  1. Create A Product Based Business – (1 Product Published For Sale Online) February 31st
  2. Create Affiliate Streams (6 Published Articles/Blogs) – February 31st
  3. Media Distribution (1 Podcast, 1 Video Syndication) – March 1st
  4. Become An Authority – (1 Published Books/ 3 Speaking Opportunities) – May 1st
  5. Create an Educational System (Creating A Library Of 6 Courses) – August 31
  6. Create a Conference – November 31st

Course Information

Course Instructor

Matthews Myishola Matthews Myishola Author

Residency Student

1 year of access

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