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Manifestation Do’s & Donts
The Clairs Explained
Shadow Work – The Laws

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Divination Program

Part 1 & Part 2

The Divination Program creates a solid foundation for the practice of harnessing spiritual gifts and abilities for intuitive communication.

What’s Covered in

the Course?

Take a look at what each part offers. You must take Part 1 prior to enrolling in Part 2.

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Part 1

6 Weeks

An Introduction to Each Subject In Order To Set A Good Foundation.

Discernment / Intuition
Clairs / Psychic Gifts

Part 2

6 Weeks

We Begin To Develop Our Gifts, Grow Our Understanding and Practice.

Building An Altar
Personal Projects
Reading Others
Divination Ethics

Included In All Access

Manifesting With Moon Cycles

Learn To Manifest!

Enrollment Is Limited

Week 1 -Learn the basics of manifesting, the uses of the moon cycles along with rituals and practices to establish good manifestation skills.

Real World Application– Begin putting what you’ve learned into practice with the next moon phase on August 8th Beginning with the new moon.

With Each New Moon Phase, perform the next step in manifesting with the guidance and help of the class in order to begin to manifest the reality of your dreams. All 8 moon phases will be covered on the day of their appearance durning the August 8th moon cycle.

Shadow Work Course

This course takes a deep dive into the world of self-reflection for self development. Learn the skills and foundation needed to walk yourself through the process of employing and benefiting from your shadow self. By mastering these skills and understanding core principles for peace, you can begin the re-design your reality, relationships with others and your self image.

Shadow Work – Sample Course Content

Choose A New You

This course is designed to start the re-programing of lower mental paradigms and creation of peace in your mind. Those looking to re-frame negative thought patterns, release limiting beliefs and identify blockages will benefit most from this 4 week program.

Understand Your Reality

By learning the universal laws of reality we can relax and begin to understand the relationships and experiences in our environment. By changing our core principles we can achieve peace of mind with ease on our own terms.