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February 4-8 2023
Luxury Accommodations

Wellness Aligned Activities

Designed With Divinity

Breckenridge, Colorado

February 4-8th

Join us for our next retreat in Breckenridge as we re-align ourselves, our manifestations and our mindsets. Spiritual ceremonies, 1 on 1 guidance and relaxation await you.


Relax and renew as you attract more of what you want and release what no longer serves.

This retreat is for current clients and students or by invitation only. To Book Your Slot, Please login to your client portal and request to join.

Luxury Accommodations

Join us at the beautiful Ranahan Resort as we frolic in the snow, relax mountian side and leave a renewed.

Wellness Workshops

Yoga on the beach? Swimming with the turtles? Manifesting under the moon? You got it! Let’s do it!

Learn To Let Go

Feel the freedom of letting go. Once your feet touch the sand, and leisure is the only thing on the to do list, the magic happens.

Morph into your

truest self.

Make friends and memories while doing it. Like minded women to join you on your journey.

Pricing Plans

Payment Plans Available – Pricing does not include air fare, gifts or unplanned meals.



Current Student Status Only

All Activities Included

Rebirth Ceremony

Wellness Excursions Included

Retreat Welcome Bag

Luxury Accomodation

Non Student


By Invitation Only

All Activites Included

Rebirth Ceremony

Wellness Excursions Included

Retreat Welcome Bag

Luxury Accomodations

Past Retreat – Welcome Pool Party

Not A Current Student Or Client?

No worries! You can book a session or sign up for a course that would best serve you today! Please understand that booking a session, or enrolling in a course will not gaurantee admission on the retreat. It is most important to be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT and COMMUNITY MEMBER.

To sum it up, you may not simply pay for a session or course, you must do the work.