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Where do I begin?! Whew! I have sooooo much gratitude and appreciation for Myi! For holding my hand through not only this pandemic, but my divorce, closing my business, being broke, failed situationships etc. Myi never judged me, she always pushed me to keep believing in myself, and That God had better in store for me. I’ve worked with Myi for the past year and since working with her my confidence and belief in myself has been restored, I’ve manifested thousand and thousands of dollars, internal healing, new business endeavors and so much more. I don’t know where I’d be had it not been for me having Myi as my spiritual mentor this year. Her gifts have grown soooo much! I use to be resistant during my readings, now whatever she says i just do because she doesn’t miss. She’s the most accurate psychic intuitive reader I’ve ever had. I am so thankful for Myi. She gives and gives and gives of herself effortlessly in Clubhouse with so much grace and patience. I’m crying just writing this because I love Myi so much oh and wow it’s 2:22 ? I love you Myi and to anyone thinking about booking anything with her, just do it!!!! Be prepared to have your life transformed for the better, but you better be willing to put in the work!



Let me just start by saying Myi saved my life. When I first started talking to Myi on clubhouse (FOR FREE.. cause she doesn’t have to do that) she kept telling me that I’m sleeping on myself. & what I knew was I was overweight, depressed, addicted to weed & alcohol, tired all the time, and unfulfilled. I was building websites and in graphic design because it was the safest route to me without knowing explicitly that I could sing she told me to “close my laptop” and sing for a week. It’s been about 6 months now and I haven’t touched a website since. She’s so hands on and invested in her clients. A genuine ball of energy and light but don’t get it confused she isn’t gonna sugar coat anything lol and you have to do the work but she will push you and support you every step of the way. Six months later I’m officially a recording artist that gets paid to do what they love. I feel fulfilled and grateful to have met you.



Myishola is the only reason I still use Clubhouse. I’ve been following her for almost a year and I have felt a shift inside. The positive energy and honesty that I experienced in her Clubhouse room led me to enroll in her Manifestations course. In that course, she held me accountable for my words, actions, and negative mentality. She wouldn’t let me give excuses or give up on myself. I am forever grateful for the experience. As a result, I’ve been able rot manifest my weight loss, the outlook I had on healthy eating and exercise, more patience, and financial abundance. She’s helped me to be in control of my feelings and reactions, as opposed to allowing others effect my energy. I recently enrolled in Divination Pt 1, and this course was so informative that I am digesting in small chunks in order to get the most out of it. I would recommend her…. Wait! I DO recommend her courses to all that I have an interest. She, not only, teaches you what you need to know, but she guides you through it. You aren’t just a client or student with Myishola. She is genuinely invested in your growth as a person. She becomes the friend that you’ve needed all these years. I am thoroughly impressed by this Empress, and she will always have my support.



About a year ago I started my spiritual journey with Myishola and I haven’t looked back since. With the help of God, Myishola, and the light beings around me, I have a new outlook on life and have been able to manifest my dreams. Myishola taught me how to speak life into myself and others around me on a spiritual level. Her blunt, relatable, and upfront advice gave me clear insight on how to move forward and better myself. I invite you to learn from Myishola and better yourself as well.



I thank the universe for putting Myishola on my path beginning of 2021. It was surely divine timing! I was brand new in my spiritual journey and getting in my way often. As I reflect end of year, I am certain that I have Myishola’s intuitive guidance to thank for the many wins. I think back and incorporate her advice often in my day to day. Her approach is kind and caring, but straight up with a side of humor. Her readings always resonate and have helped me cope with some tough situations this year. I am very grateful. In addition to being a “bad ass” good witch and magnificent person, she is a wonderful teacher. I am currently enrolled in her virtual membership courses and am enjoying the recordings and live complementary sessions. I recommend all of her services fully. Thank you, Myishola, for all that you give to all of us.



Myi changed my life ! I am so thankful that I met her. When I first met her I was lost. I lacked initiative and I was very self conscious of myself and my abilities. Everything about her is great ! She’s very warming and caring. After working with her for almost a year my life has changed drastically. She’s available when I need her. So when I’m feeling uneasy she’s right there to walk me through any issues or uneasiness that I’m having. I recommend her services. I’m transforming into the person I’ve always dreamed to be. I’m forever grateful for my friend Myi. I’ve never had a friend like her.



I give gratitude for being guided to Myi. She is authentic, transparent & honest. Inspiring others to be obedient & do the work properly in order to heal & manifest abundance in all areas of life. Whether your message is short, long, big or small it is accurate & clear; exactly what you need for your highest & greatest good. Myi truly is the good witch you can trust & can’t help but to love. She is devoted to Spirit|God|The Creator owning her power sharing her amazing gift (that she’s worked hard to master) and also even recommends other great being that could help you as well. Book with her or take a course and elevate under her wing! Myi love you always all ways, keep loving & owning you as you bask in your power shining your light leaving a little (well a lot of lol) sparkle everywhere you go?



Myi is awesome..the end! I can’t tell this woman thank you enough for her candid, transparent, no nonsense way of helping me find a new way to think about how I react and feel about the events I experience. Having her constantly remind me how important it is for me to live my life for me because I deserve to is a teaching I didn’t know but have found it to be one of the greatest things I’ve learned from her.. I love that she doesn’t let me sit in my fear for too long. She let’s me have my moment but then says come on girl, you got this because you deserve it so make the life you want not the one people told you you’re supposed to have. She’s reminded me that I have more control over my life than I may have been taught and that is priceless to me because as a Virgo control can mean a lot 🙂 Thank you Myishola! You’re a blessing to me, thus making me a blessing for my family and friends and anyone I encounter. I am so much better than I was before I met you! Thank you for reinforcing teachings that I may have forgotten or misunderstood and bringing them back to me in a way that gives me more autonomy over my life, my words and my thoughts! The one quote that I hear in my head time and time again is “why would you only get on one or two rides at the amusement park called life, when God put you here to ride all of them! Who goes to an amusement park and only gets on the same two rides when there’s and entire theme park waiting for you to explore and experience it! You can ride them all and experience anything you want to by doing the work and believing you deserve to.” – loosely translated of course 🙂 I love you!



For starters I’m big on energy, Myishola have a positive radiating light. So that’s what drew me to her, because I felt safe with her. I came across her on Clubhouse in January 2021. She gives free intuitive readings to who she’s led to. The most memorable reading she gave was regarding my deceased sister. I was missing her and she was on my mind/ spirit super heavy. It went a little like this… she said my energy was “strawberry” and explained her reasoning behind it. Which I adore the entire reason behind it. She then said she’s seeing a strawberry shortcake. I told her that was my sisters favorite snack. She said she picked up her energy and described her age and frame. I confirmed that was her. My sister relayed a message regarding a family member, which was spot on. At the end my sister directed Myishola to a wall in her home saying “I love you past eternity”. Eternity means the state after death. I started balling tears because I miss my sisters presence & wanted her to know that I love her. That was one of the best readings I received from any reader I’ve encountered. I would recommend her to anyone because she’s filled with light, accurate, believer of God and will hold you accountable in a respectful way.

Rae R.


Let me first start by saying that Myi saved my life. When I first met her, I was going through a serious depression, a divorce, financial instability, career uncertainty, low self-esteem, and major anxiety. I am almost in tears writing this. She has taken the time and her energy and helped so many people including me. I am filled with gratitude that the universe put me in the position to come in contact with her. She has taught me how to manifest everything that I desire. My living situation, my financial situation, my love life, my perspective on life and even how I speak has all taken a huge turn for the positive. I wake up genuinely happy. I cannot thank her enough. Her guidance and mentorship has also been ongoing and I like to say she has become my friend. She cheers me on and encourages me and checks on me and helps and guides when I am making the wrong decisions or looking at things wrong. Her gift is not just being intuitive her gift is giving grace to people even when they don’t think they deserve it. I am forever grateful and thankful.



I came across Myishola one day randomly on Clubhouse and my life has not been the same since. I sat and listened to her read complete strangers with such accuracy, authenticity and love that it was astounding to me! Myi doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear with actionable steps to get you where you need to be. Since that day on Clubhouse I have received over 5 one on one readings with her, a shadow session, participated in her Moon Manifestation course and even traveled to Mexico with her for a spiritual retreat. Each time I’ve talked to and experienced Myi it has pushed me to look deep into myself and become a better woman. Myi is authentic and real and truly wants everyone she comes in contact with to be the best version of themselves mentally, emotionally, financially and most importantly spiritually. It’s amazing to watch someone consistently pour into others including myself and actually see the results first hand. Myi has a client for life in me, but I am also happy to call her a friend. I would not hesitate to book any of her offerings as everything I have participated in with this beautiful soul has always exceeded my expectations! Please do yourself a favor and book one or all of her offerings that you are called to book. You will not regret it.



I absolutely adore Myi! She’s genuine, she’s loving, and she has this amazingly huge heart to serve people. She is sunshine in the flesh and her willingness to help you navigate through the darkness and questions is so unparalleled! My favorite thing is that Myi is willing to share her light until you find your again! ?