The magic of the intuitive is best discovered under the pressure of Change and the guidance of Light.

Welcome Intuitives, Magical Beings and Spiritually Gifted ones. Learn as you are to live.

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We are more than just online classes. Belong to a community with quarterly retreats, balls, outings and events.

Meet the people you learn with year round, in paradise 4 times a year!

You’ll grow close to the other students you are learning with each from all over the world. We make it easy to connect in real life with fun retreats 4 times year.

Attend our annual Coronation Ceremony and celebrate with Our Graduates.

Our graduates are honored and crowned each year on December 20th at our annual Coronation Ceremony. A Magical evening and symbolic ritual welcoming you into spiritual leadership.

Why choose School For The Intuitive?

It’s a home for the magical, a place to grow and thrive among


Learn the basics of living an intentionally magical life through courses that enhance your ability to create your reality. From manifestation to defensive spells, we have got you covered.


Our students meet 8 times a year for spiritual retreats and quarterly balls for each equinox and solstice. Our yearly coronation ball honors those who have successfully completed the years coursework.


Honor yourself and commitment to your magical education and development with our Coronation Ceremony. Upon completion of each years curriculum students are invited to be honored at the Winter Solstice Ball.

Who Are We?

We are a school of magical studies for intuitives, psychics and other spiritually gifted beings. Our educational program creates a solid foundation for you to begin the practice of harnessing your spiritual gifts and abilities. Learn the vast terminology, history and practice of numerous magical topics. Courses span through Psychic Abilities, Numerology, Intuition & Discernment, Tarot and many others. Our mission is to educate you as you discover your gifts.

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Past Workshops

Spiritual Protection for you and your family.

In this workshop, learn basics of protecting yourself and loved ones with basic everyday herbs and crystals.

The Energy of numbers : An intro into angel numbers.

Angel numbers following you around? Learn the energy of numbers 1-9 in this quick but informative workshop designed to help you understand.

5 Spiritual Baths you should know and how to do them.

These are not the beautiful baths you see on instagram. Learn 5 basic spiritual baths designed to truly transform, protect and relax.


Let me just start by saying Myi saved my life. When I first started talking to Myi on clubhouse (FOR FREE.. cause she doesn’t have to do that) she kept telling me that I’m sleeping on myself. & what I knew was I was overweight, depressed, addicted to weed & alcohol, tired all the time, and unfulfilled. I was building websites and in graphic design because it was the safest route to me without knowing explicitly that I could sing she told me to “close my laptop” and sing for a week. It’s been about 6 months now and I haven’t touched a website since. She’s so hands on and invested in her clients. A genuine ball of energy and light but don’t get it confused she isn’t gonna sugar coat anything lol and you have to do the work but she will push you and support you every step of the way. Six months later I’m officially a recording artist that gets paid to do what they love. I feel fulfilled and grateful to have met you.




I came across Myishola one day randomly on Clubhouse and my life has not been the same since. I sat and listened to her read complete strangers with such accuracy, authenticity and love that it was astounding to me! Myi doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear with actionable steps to get you where you need to be. Since that day on Clubhouse I have received over 5 one on one readings with her, a shadow session, participated in her Moon Manifestation course and even traveled to Mexico with her for a spiritual retreat. Each time I’ve talked to and experienced Myi it has pushed me to look deep into myself and become a better woman. Myi is authentic and real and truly wants everyone she comes in contact with to be the best version of themselves mentally, emotionally, financially and most importantly spiritually. It’s amazing to watch someone consistently pour into others including myself and actually see the results first hand. Myi has a client for life in me, but I am also happy to call her a friend. I would not hesitate to book any of her offerings as everything I have participated in with this beautiful soul has always exceeded my expectations! Please do yourself a favor and book one or all of her offerings that you are called to book. You will not regret it.

Whitney Quash