Accredited By The International Association Of Spiritual Intuitives

Proudly Accredited By The IAOSI


St. Matthews College of Intuitive Studies is proud to be an accredited institution under the International Association of Spiritual Intuitives (IAOSI). IAOSI is a religious organization dedicated to the education and advancement of individuals with gifted spiritual abilities. As an accredited institution, St. Matthews College of Intuitive Studies upholds the high standards and values of IAOSI in offering degree programs that prepare students for leadership roles in religious and spiritual settings. It’s important to note that the degrees conferred by St. Matthews College of Intuitive Studies are specifically designed for use in religious settings under a religious organization. These degrees and credits do not transfer to secular schools or into secular employment. Therefore, it’s essential for students to carefully consider their career goals and ensure that pursuing a religious degree falls within the scope of their professional aspirations.

At St. Matthews College of Intuitive Studies, we strive to provide students with an education that is both transformative and meaningful. Our degree programs are designed to help students harness their spiritual gifts and lead a life of purpose and service. With IAOSI accreditation, students can rest assured that they are receiving an education that is steeped in a tradition of excellence and dedication to the advancement of spiritual intuition.

St. Matthews College is an online Metaphysical college offering college degree study. A degree from St. Matthews College is a religious degree and is not TitleIV eligible. Students are not eligible for Federal Aid and Students Loans Credits from this college will not be transferable to a secular school.