Proud to offer full scholarships for all students.

We are thrilled to announce that St. Matthews College of Intuitive Studies offers full scholarships to all our students for the entirety of their studies. Our goal is to make intuitive studies accessible to all who seek it, and we are grateful to our generous sponsors, The Intuitive Church of Christ and the Ishola Empire Incorporated, for making this possible.

Enrollment at our institution is 100% merit-based and highly competitive. Students who are granted enrollment are automatically granted full scholarships at the time of enrollment. We believe that our scholarship program encourages students to focus on their studies and personal growth, rather than the financial burden that tuition costs can have.

Please note that our scholarship program does not cover Continuing Education courses, Residency Programs, Retreats, and events. Separate funding opportunities may be available for those programs.

We are proud of our commitment to our students and the opportunity to provide a supportive, holistic environment for growth and learning. We invite you to apply to St. Matthews College of Intuitive Studies and to pursue your calling as an intuitive leader with our full-scholarship program.

Student Centered

Courses are created and scheduled with current students needs in mind. We regularly accept course requests, workshop topic ideas and keep up with current magical climates to keep you informed and confident in your skills.

Teaching methods

Our courses are designed to be interactive, fun and memorable. Students are required to attend live on camera for each class, ensuring a true immersive class experience. Because of this, our students enjoy getting to know their classmates more each week.